About US

Established in 1990 by a group of professional businessmen, having background in business management, planning and administration, banking and international trade.
Main domain of activity is agriculture which is much in need in Iran. To fulfill this activity business relation started with ex-Phosyn Plc (world leader in micro- nutrient fertilizer) in 1988 to register their products in Iran (before establishment date).
After the process of registration Kavin started to promote Phosyn products through a comprehensive marketing plan parallel to gradual importation of ready-made Phosyn micro-nutrient. Our sales reached to half million units in 5 years.
In these years all the main agricultural regions, agro-industry complexes, sugar beet factories, agricultural leaders and farmers, public and private sectors dealing with various aspects of agricultural activities were visited and relevant data bank created for further references. Agricultural shops and sales out-lets, all through vast country of Iran (area 1,650,000 Sq Km) were visited by our agronomists. Demo fields, technical lectures, field days, etc were also part of preliminary promotion of our range of products.
In 1995 Kavin managed to make a contract with Phosyn Plc for license production having access to all formulation and manufacturing process of Phosyn micro-nutrients. Quality control, technical back up was and is provided through all these years by this company.
In 2007 Norway Yara Co bought Phosyn to complete its range of fertilizers and the name changed to Yara Uk based in Pocklington, Yorkshire. Right now our agreement with the same content is with Yara UK and Kavin is sole importer, manufacturer and distributer of Yara Vita brand in Iran under license of Yara Uk.
Having this background Kavin is in business contact with 36 whole sellers, 30 sugar beet factories, all agro-industry complexes and pioneer farmers as well as in good terms with public agricultural sector.
Our sister company (Van Dane Kav Co) is now 20 years that is exclusive representative of Sesvanderhave B.V. based in Belgium, importing, promoting and selling quality sugar beet seed to sugar beet factories and growers. Sale figure per year is 30,000-40,000 units of mono-germ seed.